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Thank you to our Supporters!

On July 22, 2011, the CRTC approved Pelmorex Communications Inc.’s application to renew its broadcasting licence for The Weather Network and MétéoMédia to August 31, 2018 and approved the continued distribution of our services as part of the basic television service for the same period, subject to Pelmorex meeting certain criteria by the end of this year. Thank you to all those organizations and individuals who supported us!

For more information regarding the CRTC's decision, please click here.

The Weather Network application to the CRTC to renew our broadcasting licence and to extend the requirement that The Weather Network remain part of the basic cable or satellite service that you receive has received broad support from viewers, public figures, associations, municipalities and many others.

See some of the notable filings in support of The Weather Network here!

Approval of our application by the CRTC will mean:

  1. You will continue to receive the Weather Network without having to buy an extra package or bundle from your cable or satellite provider.
  2. We can continue to invest and enhance the local weather and safety information we deliver to you, our viewers. For example:
    • More detailed road weather reports and road condition forecasts!
    • High definition television service!
    • Expanding our service to smaller communities across Canada.
  3. We can continue to provide the same level of service to all Canadians, from the largest to the smallest communities. We can only do this with the continued distribution of The Weather Network as part of the basic cable or satellite package.
  4. We will continue and expand our distribution and broadcast of emergency messages from Environment Canada, and the provinces and territories as they are available AND make those messages freely available to all local tv, radio cable and satellite companies in your community to ensure you know then an emgergency threatens your local community.
Thank you again for your support!

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