How we keep Canadians safe, our support for public safety & emergency alerting

The Weather Network and MétéoMédia’s operate the National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination (NAAD) System, which has provided the backbone infrastructure for Canada’s national broadcast emergency alert system since June 2010.

Now providing a connection to all Canadian radio and TV broadcasters, cable and satellite TV providers, the NAAD System enables federal, provincial and territorial emergency management officials to alert Canadians quickly, safely and securely. Messages can warn viewers in a single community, several adjacent ones, or a whole province of severe weather, floods, forest fires, evacuation notices and other imminent threats to life and property. Roughly 50,000 messages per year are validated and distributed by the NAAD System.

While The Weather Network and MétéoMédia are distributed on the basic service, Pelmorex is able to fully fund the NAAD System, with no cost to governments – and therefore, taxpayers – or broadcasters and no incremental costs to Canadian TV subscribers.