How we serve small communities across Canada

Knowing that weather and safety information is most valuable at the local level, we deploy a variety of technologies to deliver regional and local forecasts, in English and French, across Canada. The service begins with our The Weather Network and MétéoMédia national English and French services, augmented by five regional feeds, providing regional weather news programming to British Columbia, Alberta, the Extended Greater Toronto Area, the Greater Montreal Area and Atlantic Canada.

What truly makes Pelmorex unique is that we broadcast local forecasts to more than 1,000 Canadian communities. We do this by deploying our patented localization technology (PMX) at each cable headend in partnership with cable and satellite TV providers of all sizes and in all locations. The result is that our two broadcast services are in effect more than 1,000 different channels, delivering customized information to each community.

In fact, for many communities The Weather Network and MétéoMédia are the only source of up-to-date local or regional weather, including road weather information and weather warnings and watches.