Our planned programming initiatives related to Canada’s North, climate change and more

In the next licence term we will introduce new programming from and about Canada’s North. The content will air regularly on both The Weather Network and MétéoMédia and will focus on reflecting their own way of life back to our Northern viewers, as well as educating the rest of Canada on the weather and its impacts in the North.

Canada’s Indigenous and Northern communities have a special place in Canadian society, and have always had a special relationship with our weather and climate. The unfortunate reality is that climate change will have an increasingly pronounced impact on the lives of all Canadians going forward, and this will be no more apparent than in Canada’s North.

Our reporting will particularly investigate the impacts of global warming and changing weather patterns on Northern communities where historic high temperatures are altering the landscape and changing the way of life. This includes speaking with residents of Northern communities to share how their personal lives have changed with the climate.

We will speak with municipal and government leaders about how they are preparing to address the impact of extreme weather events on city infrastructure. We will showcase communities, organizations and companies that are working to slow the progress and mitigate the impact of climate change. And we’ll continue to draw on content submitted directly from our Northern viewers who live and work in this extreme and changing climate every day.